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Images of Daemons in Medieval Manuscripts

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The Pictures of Daemons (Jinns) in "Matali al-sa’ada wa yanabi al-siyyada" by Seyyid Mehmet ibn Amir Hasan al-Suʿudi (Istanbul, 1582 AD), which is a translation into Turkish of the Arabic mystical treatise “Kitab al-Bulhan” (Book of Surprises) by Abu Maʿshar al-Balkhi (787-886 CE). Continue reading...

Religion and Magic in Ancient Medicine

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In antiquity, the medicine, religion and magic were intimately linked with each other. Numerous texts from the sacred books, magic formulas and spells are generously scattered in the medieval medical treatises. The people of those times believed that praying to gods, religious ceremonies, and the magic actions are capable to cure the people from illnesses. Continue reading...