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March 23, 2016 | Author: admin
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Three years ago Professor George Church of Harvard Medical School declared he can reconstruct Neanderthal DNA and resurrect the species which became extinct 33,000 years ago. ”I CAN create a neanderthal baby, if I can find a willing woman.”

No, it's not the world's worst pick-up line. It's science. He said his analysis of Neanderthal genetic code using samples from bones is complete enough to reconstruct their DNA. Source:

According to information of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History: “Neanderthals are our closest extinct human relative. Some defining features of their skulls include the large middle part of the face, angled cheek bones, and a huge nose for humidifying and warming cold, dry air. Their bodies were shorter and stockier than ours, another adaptation to living in cold environments. But their brains were just as large as ours and often larger - proportional to their brawnier bodies.

Neanderthals made and used a diverse set of sophisticated tools, controlled fire, lived in shelters, made and wore clothing, were skilled hunters of large animals and also ate plant foods, and occasionally made symbolic or ornamental objects. There is evidence that Neanderthals deliberately buried their dead and occasionally even marked their graves with offerings, such as flowers. No other primates, and no earlier human species, had ever practiced this sophisticated and symbolic behavior”.

Source: Smithsonian Museum

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A child takes a close look at a model at the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann, Germany.